Wednesday, November 25, 2009

lady bags

In the past few years, I can think of two clothing splurges which have made me really happy. The first was a light blue, denim, APC jacket. When I brought the jacket to the dressing room, I really didn't expect I'd be buying it. But when I tried the jacket on, it fit so perfectly. I could envision myself wearing it for the rest of my life. It's timeless, and reminds me (just a little bit) of the actress Beatrice Romand in the film Claire's Knee:

I can see her wearing it when she's older, too, in another film by Eric Rohmer, Autumn Tale:

In the past few months I'd been searching for the bag equivalent of that jacket: sturdy, goes with everything...something that I'll love forever.

These are the bags I really liked and considered. They're all beautiful - all winners!

la tropizienne and messenger tote by clare vivier

paige satchel by lauren merkin
phoebe satchel by rachel nasvik

auteur by jack rabbit
nord sud by vanessa bruno

sofia coppola for louis vuitton
(well, yes, it's a gorgeous, simple bag, but no - it's way too expensive.)

Monday, November 23, 2009

man bags

I just went crazy and bought two bags of my dreams, but if I hadn't, one of these man bags might be on my list:

steve mono eliot

marc by marc jacobs leather duffel

Monday, November 16, 2009

man with a van

Oh, blue and white euro simplicity, with stripes and pops of yellow.

This fictitious couple reminds me of my good friends Alison & Jeff. They always create an environment and dress in a way that is both lovely and functional, and slightly from another time. 

-- an old citroen ad, via ?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

one through twelve

Last week, The New York Times ran an article on Asperger's which featured this drawing by Daniel Tammet:

The relationship between numbers and shapes reminded me of this beautiful poster by Claire Nereim, available on etsy:
It's called a calendar, but I like to look at it as a random assortment of fruits. It's so pretty, and it cracks me up.

Friday, November 6, 2009

pink and red

In episode 4 of Season One (of Twin Peaks*), something really spectacular happens. Audrey and Donna have a chat in the Twin Peaks High School bathroom. The walls and stall doors are painted bubble gum pink, with a red stripe that runs horizontally along the walls, breaking into a mountainous zig zag every so often. 

Can you imagine being the person who thought this up and/or got to paint these walls? (I'd like to shake the hand of that person, or team of persons.) It's such a fantastic, surreal, setting, with its intensely feminine color scheme; full of school and town spirit with those Twin Peaks mountains. The result being trippy and graphic and kind of harsh. Aren't there zig zags in the Red Room, too? 

I love pink and red together. And seeing the Twin Peaks bathroom reminded me of Dries Van Noten's Fall 09 collection:

Even the tan pants fit in.

The sunglasses look like something Donna might wear when she gets a little badass later on in the show.


~ ~ ~

Here are a few more shots from that scene:

And just to cap off the pink/red love, a picture of a pink and red rubber Chanel bracelet from one of my scrapbooks. This must be from 1997 or so.

All runway photos are from coverage of Dries Van Noten Fall 2009

*I'll be done posting about Twin Peaks soon

Monday, November 2, 2009

warm milk

I thought that quote from Twin Peaks would make a good first post since it's about the management of fear. I'm afraid of lots of things, but generally things like failure and embarrassment, more than sharks. I'd like to be more open and less afraid. Less withholding of myself. This blog is the first chess move in that direction.

I started watching the second season of Twin Peaks for the second time about a month ago, one gray Saturday. Some of the plot lines are so boring later on (oh, James, and your road trip); I'd forgotten how awesomely the season started! The long, long scene of Agent Cooper on the floor. Of course David Lynch directed it. And the actor who plays the waiter is incredible. He hangs up the phone and gives a thumbs-up like no one else.

I wrote down Agent Dale Cooper's quote about fear immediately. I think a few of the Log Lady Intros will need to be reexamined, too.

And someday there will be a post about the Twin Peaks High School bathroom. If you're a fan of both Twin Peaks and set design, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

Do I have any other ideas for this blog? Sure! But Twin Peaks is really outshining everything else of late. And I'm kind of nervous about posting pictures from on my blog, even though I really want to examine Karl's past two collections for Chanel. Funny, I work in the photo biz. Perhaps that's why I get nervous about this stuff. I hope David Lynch doesn't mind the image captures I made of Twin Peaks, below. If you do, Mr. Lynch, please contact me and I'll take them down, stat.


Sunday, November 1, 2009

not as bad as you might think

"Being shot is not as bad as I always thought it might be, as long as you can keep the fear from your mind.
But I guess you can say that about most anything in life: it's not so bad, as long as you can keep the fear from your mind."

Agent Dale Cooper
Season 2, Episode 2.1