Wednesday, November 25, 2009

lady bags

In the past few years, I can think of two clothing splurges which have made me really happy. The first was a light blue, denim, APC jacket. When I brought the jacket to the dressing room, I really didn't expect I'd be buying it. But when I tried the jacket on, it fit so perfectly. I could envision myself wearing it for the rest of my life. It's timeless, and reminds me (just a little bit) of the actress Beatrice Romand in the film Claire's Knee:

I can see her wearing it when she's older, too, in another film by Eric Rohmer, Autumn Tale:

In the past few months I'd been searching for the bag equivalent of that jacket: sturdy, goes with everything...something that I'll love forever.

These are the bags I really liked and considered. They're all beautiful - all winners!

la tropizienne and messenger tote by clare vivier

paige satchel by lauren merkin
phoebe satchel by rachel nasvik

auteur by jack rabbit
nord sud by vanessa bruno

sofia coppola for louis vuitton
(well, yes, it's a gorgeous, simple bag, but no - it's way too expensive.)

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