Friday, November 6, 2009

pink and red

In episode 4 of Season One (of Twin Peaks*), something really spectacular happens. Audrey and Donna have a chat in the Twin Peaks High School bathroom. The walls and stall doors are painted bubble gum pink, with a red stripe that runs horizontally along the walls, breaking into a mountainous zig zag every so often. 

Can you imagine being the person who thought this up and/or got to paint these walls? (I'd like to shake the hand of that person, or team of persons.) It's such a fantastic, surreal, setting, with its intensely feminine color scheme; full of school and town spirit with those Twin Peaks mountains. The result being trippy and graphic and kind of harsh. Aren't there zig zags in the Red Room, too? 

I love pink and red together. And seeing the Twin Peaks bathroom reminded me of Dries Van Noten's Fall 09 collection:

Even the tan pants fit in.

The sunglasses look like something Donna might wear when she gets a little badass later on in the show.


~ ~ ~

Here are a few more shots from that scene:

And just to cap off the pink/red love, a picture of a pink and red rubber Chanel bracelet from one of my scrapbooks. This must be from 1997 or so.

All runway photos are from coverage of Dries Van Noten Fall 2009

*I'll be done posting about Twin Peaks soon

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