Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's been really cold this week. Every day I wrap up in heavy solid cardigan, scarf, coat, hat. Olive green, cream, brown, gray. But after seeing some of the spring/summer 2010 shows, I've been wanting to wear more floral prints somehow...

the end!

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  1. oh i love how organic yet graphic this mackintosh pattern looks. there's a certain charming timeless yet modern appeal to 'primitive' art i really admire and enjoy looking at and listening to.

    wonderful 'primitive' musical textures:
    john fahey. sort of obsessed with this guy lately.
    pretty true to song cover:

    anyways, i'm a big thriftstore junkie and am always on the look out for striking patterns and designs, on any and all objects! great links.
    do you remember Anna Sui's Liberty prints in 1996? if i ever get my act together i'd love to study textile design.