Sunday, December 13, 2009

a huge paper heart

I saw Julie & Julia the other night and here's how I felt about it:


I really enjoyed the whole film, but the parts with Julia and Paul Child I lovedStreet markets, beautiful cars, tailored below-the-knee skirt suits, patterned silk ties, dinner parties, powder rooms, train stations, mid-century modern fabrics. Oh my gosh.

Stanley Tucci (as Paul Child) is so dapper and supportive in this film.

And there's one lady who shows up really late in the movie...Mavis? Avis de Voto, played by Deborah Rush. She's in the movie for about 5 minutes, but she wears the  best thick black framed glasses and plaid pants and pours what I imagine to be a stiff mid-afternoon drink. 

I love you, Deborah Rush as Avis de Voto.
And I love your chair.

Top photo is from Columbia Pictures.
(Other images are screen captures I made.)

The director is Nora Ephron
The director of photography is Stephen Goldblatt
The costume designer is Ann Roth
The production designer is Mark Ricker 
The art director is Ben Barraud
The set decorator is Susan Bode

I had to give props to those people.

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