Wednesday, December 9, 2009

todd time

When I was 14, my family was gifted cable TV. I was granted a peek into the world of high fashion via MTV's House of Style, CNN Style with Elsa Klensch, and Fashion File. Saturday mornings, I would watch the latter two while recording them on our VCR for future reference. I watched the Prada and Miu Miu Spring/Summer 1996 shows over and over again, obsessed with these shows' color palettes (olives, browns, avocados, blush, peach), flat brown shoes, and the barefaced, gawky beauty of the models.

Prada ad, 1996

MTV's House of Style was generally a let-down, but the Todd Time elements hosted by Todd Oldham were like the friendlier bits of Sassy magazine come to life. Crafts! Thrift stores! Vinyl records and decoupage and fake fur and glue guns! Lower East Side! Probably! I might be remembering this incorrectly!

Around this time, Todd was designing clothes bedazzled with checkerboard patterns...

 bright Southwestern prints...

(reminding me of Pendleton for Opening Ceremony and Mociun)

and grungy-but-saucy plaids.

(all Todd Oldham pictures via Getty Images)

This feature in New York Magazine got me thinking about Todd again. He's doing some sweet things now...

This Charley Harper book

 Hey, this vintage Todd Oldham design looks a lot like the Charley Harper book cover!


I love this quote from Todd:

“I like old-school PBS and CBS Sunday Morning. Fifty-five seconds of a quaking-aspen leaf looks good to me.” - via new york magazine

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