Sunday, February 28, 2010

three things

I looked through some old tear sheets yesterday, and these three favorites jumped out at me. I love a black background for radish and bird prints, pink flowers, metallic gold bits.

Top: Drew Barrymore in US Vogue, Feb 2006, by Mario Testino
Middle: French magazine, can't remember which. 
Bottom: Rita Konig's entry hall in Domino, Oct 2008, by James Merrell

Sorry for the blurriness of the bottom photo!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

more bag love

I don't need another bag, but I'm always falling in love with them. I need a pair of slim black jeans, maybe a work-appropriate blouse. But right now, I'm thinking about...

Clare Vivier's Mini Sac:

and Rennes' new totes:

I guess one reason I'm always falling in love with bags is that they always fit.  Jeans? Don't get me started.*

*Sorry if you hate this sketch. I love this sketch.

Monday, February 22, 2010

frances may

I ordered a Mociun t-shirt from Frances May the other week. This was the first time I ordered from their shop, and it was such a nice surprise to see how sweetly they packaged everything.

I got the Milky White Earth Tee, which is on sale at the Mociun shop, too

I love the colors.

Hint: Felicity Keri Russell is a fan of Frances May and Rachel Comey, too.
Mmm. I love this Rachel Comey dress:

Saturday, February 20, 2010

robin's egg

I love etsy. So many great vintage finds.

Right now I'm obsessed with these:

The color scheme and delicate pattern remind me of Blonde Redhead's apartment which was featured in Domino magazine a few years back...

No matter how much I admire minimalism, this is really more my style. The paint colors and sunlight make me feel calm and happy, and I love the elegant, fancy touches of toile, fireplace, chair, speaker, and whatever that is hanging off the chair.

Friday, February 19, 2010

back in a big way

The return of minimalism!
Calvin Klein fall 2010

Helmut Lang (left) and Jil Sander, late 1990s
collage from my scrapbook

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

black, white, wood

I borrowed Isabella Rossellini's book, Some of Me, from my town library when I was about 18. It left a big impression on me design-wise: I remembered lots of black paint, and wood, and odes to simple, functional things, like the utensil holder Isabella's mother, Ingrid Bergman, used. A few months ago I tracked down a used copy of this book and am so happy I did. 

Today Yesterday, I'd been looking forward to images of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's first fashion show for The Row. I had a feeling their collection would be timeless, minimal, with lots of black, which brings me back to Isabella's book: the aesthetic seems similar.

The Row Fall 2010


Also in the pared-down, black-white vein: stylist Jessica de Ruiter

scan found here

Refinery29 did a nice profile of her a while back.
photos: Kava Gorna for Refinery29

I also love the home store Spartan

... they sell these purses, too

now that's my kind of embellishment!

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    luxury grunge

    oh, geez. alexander wang (in a big way) and then lots of other fall 2010 shows (in a smaller way) are reminding me of a time i loved: late '90s minimalism, like helmut lang, jil sander, and even narciso rodriguez for cerruti. i never dressed this way, but i loved the concept of simple shapes made from really luxurious materials. 

    alexander wang fall 2010

     helmut lang runway looks circa 1997-1998
    from my scrapbook


    so many long skirts in the fall collections...
    alexander wang fall 2010

    marc jacobs fall 2010

    and so much velvet...
    rachel roy fall 2010

    rachel comey fall 2010

    alexander wang (again)

    the velvet and the long skirts combined reminded me of this mid-90s editorial

    and the red velvets...
    alexander wang fall 2010

    zac posen fall 2010

    altuzarra fall 2010

    are making me think tom ford for gucci fall 1996
    (not grunge at all, but still 90s)

    ps: click here for runway video of the fall 1996 collection for gucci, with the crowd actually whistling approval at the models. it's so smooth. i have a feeling the shows aren't at all like that anymore.

    all runway photos from, except marc jacobs from
     the mid-90s editorial photographer is unlisted, unforunately.  i'd love to credit the correct person.
     the gwyneth shot i found here, photo: kevin mazur/wireimage