Saturday, March 20, 2010

american and german classics

LL Bean's side project, LL Bean Signature,  just launched. It seems every classic American brand is launching a side brand to appeal to a younger generation. 

I do love these cropped, faded jeans.

and this little canvas bag.

G.H. Bass & Co. also has some great new styles, too, and they're all really affordable.


I still love their classic Sunjuns...

My other favorite summer sandals come from a German company, Worishofer

Perforated of the best design innovations, ever.


  1. still love my burgandy weejuns c. 1996 (they still fit)! they're so chic yet practical i'm surprised i haven't yet seen a penny loafer revival.
    i'm also partial to scholl's as far as clogs. i have a navy pair but dang my foot just never adjusted to that wood sole (i think the 6 was too big and caused some not so pretty blisters). but i love em cuz my grandmother wore them in the summer when she'd take care of me and we'd pick roses and make floral arrangements.)
    US ELLE ran a short blurb about the LL Bean launch and was super stocked about it but have yet to read a full story. it's such an iconic brand.HB did a really cool tribute during Betts' era i've been meaning to share.

  2. i love penny loafers, too, but wish they didn't look so awkward on me. i noticed a bit of a resurgence of loafers here in brooklyn about two years ago, but they didn't take off like boat shoes did. your scholl's grandmother story is so sweet! that's exactly the kind of life i imagine having when i get inspired to buy clogs: picking roses in a sunny garden.