Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The first comic book I really loved was Ghost World. My older brother, Mike (bless him), brought a copy to our Mom's house one summer, and I stayed up all night reading it in bed.
The movie adaptation is pretty different, but it maintains the look and feel of the book. Some scenes make me crack up just because the extras remind me so strongly of Dan Clowes' drawings. Like this scene! The Satanists in this scene get me every time.
Actually, of my favorite extras in the movie look like they stepped right out of a Clowes strip. This keyboard scarf-wearing guy is another one:

Daniel Clowes is coming out with a new comic book, Wilson, next month, and I'm pretty excited about it!
See a preview here


Unlovable, by Esther Pearl Watson, is a comic I discovered in BUST magazine. It's based on a diary by a high school girl named Tammy Pierce. Esther draws Tammy's manic attempts to wear '80s fashions, her delusional crushes on out-of-reach boys, her shopping excursions at the local mall, and her desire to get to a restaurant called Pizza Trails. She nails a kind of teenage hyper-anxiety about looks and boys and friendships.

Garfield is such a nice touch

George Michael was one of the first men I found truly "sexy" as a little girl. I had no idea. I just thought his dancing in the Faith video, his close-trimmed beard, and everything about Father Figure smoldered. Captain Jean-Luc Picard was another one.
Anyway...I really recommend this! It makes me crack up so bad, and forget whatever awful things may have happened earlier in the day.

Unlovable has been compiled into two huge volumes, which you get buy hereSee more pages from the books on Fantagraphics' flickr page and Esther's website.

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