Tuesday, April 13, 2010

miss stubbs

I watched An Education the other week, and Cary Mulligan really is terrific. Olivia Williams, whom I loved in her role as Miss Cross in Rushmore, has a small part as another teacher, Miss Stubbs. One scene near the end (spoiler alert) occurs at Miss Stubbs's apartment. Carey Mulligan's character says, "this is lovely," upon entering the space, and I totally agree. So much so that I had to make screen grabs.*

Her apartment seems like this very cool enclave she's carved out for herself; she gets to put up whatever she likes, paint it purple, read all afternoon, and jam on that piano when the mood strikes.

"The apartment that Miss Stubbs lives in in An Education kind of made for a happy ending. You just thought, you know, the girl’s going to be all right being an academic and a teacher. It isn’t so bad if you end up in a groovy boho apartment like Miss Stubbs’.” -- Olivia Williams, via here

I stumbled across this Tovata shirt on the interweb last night. After falling in love with the dusky purple & blue tones of Miss Stubbs' apartment, I kind of want to wear this every single day.

*if anyone at Sony Pictures, BBC FilmsWildgaze FilmsFinola Dwyer ProductionEndgame Entertainment would like me to take these images down, please let me know.

An Education is lovingly (you can feel it) directed by: Lone Scherfig
Cinematography: John de Borman
Production Design: Andrew McAlpine
Art Direction: Ben Smith
Set Decoration: Anna Lynch-Robinson
Costume Design: Odile Dicks-Mireaux

PS: Just about every actor in the cast is fantastic. In my dream life, I would be helping to make movies like this, whether tracking down antique lamps for the set decorator, grabbing coffee for the actors, or being an extra who keeps mouthing the lines of the other actors and looking into the camera at the wrong time. I just love creating a space and mood, and putting on a show. 

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  1. great screencaps.
    olivia's character made the movie for me. i love love movies that capture the essence of a specific era in such a believable way without resorting to costumey cliches (a single man, another recent 60s era film did this well). she'd still be a breath of fresh boho, prep air if i saw her on the street or local Whole Foods..