Monday, May 31, 2010

reading rainbow

Besides looking (at pictures; at the sky; at tiny daschunds making their way across the crosswalk), I love reading. I've had a subscription to The New Yorker* magazine for more years than I can remember -- I love how it brings me a new short story every week, and nonfiction articles that I quickly become obsessed with (like this one about Balkan theives, something I never thought  I'd be interested in.). This helps a lot with subway commuting -- there's nothing better than actually enjoying your subway ride because you have something good to read instead of having to play the avoid-everyone's-eyes and worry-if-someone's-staring-at-your-butt game the whole time.

This new story by Jonathan Franzen took my breath away. It brought me right back to high school -- that period in your life when you're still quite dependent upon your parents, navigating your own way either in sync with or contrary to their beliefs. That feeling of being captive in your own home, but not knowing anything else. And the subtle ways parents belittle and abandon and make their disapproval of their children known. I've never read any of Franzen's books, but I was so impressed by that story that I think I'll go to buy The Corrections today. And there's a new story by Jeffrey Eugenides in the next issue. Oh, thank you, New Yorker. I mean it.

In other news, this is what my spring/summer is looking like right now...


*I remember when I first discovered The New Yorker. No, I didn't grow up in a house with copies of the New Yorker littered on the coffee table with mum and dad's Economist and New York Times and In Search of Lost Time. We had Parade and The New Haven Register and a lot of catalogs. I discovered The New Yorker in my high school library, and I was turned off at first by the small size of the print and the large number of words per page. It looked so theory-heavy and intellectual to me, and I assumed that it was for people smarter than me - you know, 99th percentile types. But three things drew me in: poetry (in a magazine?), lots of drawings, and semi-regular fashion criticism. What a strange blend, I thought. Much later on, I discovered that I could actually keep up with some of it and, more important, that no one was stopping me from trying.

**I made this collage so many years ago, and I guess it's what I'd like my summer to feel like. pretty green and white fresh soap packaging; a photo from the miu miu spring 2002 collection on the bottom (i love that collection - see it all here); a woven chair; and a photo of writers and sisters Susan and Eliza Minot. I completely love the way Eliza's standing in this photo. And her outfit. Goddamit, it's her home on the range, and she will not be shifted. A staunch character, I bet.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

jeffrey monteiro

i wasn't familiar with jeffrey monteiro's work until i saw these sandals a few days ago (and i was ready to buy them - really - but the black are sold out in my size). i checked out his website, and his clothes are gorgeous, too...

turns out he used to design for mayle (makes sense, right?), and he was recently appointed design director for bill blass. i hope that doesn't shift his focus away from his own collection because i really like what he was making! it's something i would have liked to save up for.

more at:
and elle

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

lines and spots

the geniuses at topshop know exactly what's gonna get me going...

cute packaging!!!

3.1 phillip lim clutch (a few seasons old)

 alexandra cassaniti bag

google results for 1980s makeup...

working woman magazine?

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Elisabeth Dunker's Fine Little Day blog. There's always so much happening that I save up my visits to her blog so I can enjoy a whole bunch at once.
How great is all the black and white in this photo?

She's just added a bunch of things to her Fine Little Shop.
The painted spoons and cutting board? Somebody needs a spoon with a mustache.*

...see more ridiculously cute things at fine little day.

*by "somebody" I mean me.

Friday, May 21, 2010

new york new york

oh, hello there!

a few months ago, i was invited to an advcance screening of tilda swinton's new movie, i am love.  just yesterday i remembered that the film is set in milan...

ps: the stairs of the duomo she's walking up at 1:38? we walked to the roof of the duomo, too, and that was the one spot i was suddenly terrified. it really is the most incredible cathedral i've ever seen.

arriving back in new york, i felt this incredible thrill of living in a place with such a variety of tastes, personalities, shapes and sizes of people; and where so many creative people are doing things i'm really interested in. it was like i went all the way to milan and ended up looking for those things that i have a surplus of right in my backyard. there seems to be so much risk-taking here, and yet to take a risk seems not as daunting because you're surrounded by so many others who are trying new things. i've been in new york almost 10 years now, and my visit to my milan made me see more clearly why so many people come here, why so many choose new york over any other city. it reminded me of how i felt before i moved here. i'd forgotten that feeling.

now that i'm home, i'm determined to support those designers and shops that are making things that really speak to me. i feel a strange american pride for them, too; i feel like they represent the variety and newness and freedoms we have here.

coming home to see more pictures of jenny's amazing spring collection for wiksten, and to lena corwin's photos of caitlin mociun's home for design sponge - it was like, oh! yesss! exactly!!!!! i was hoping to be inspired like this over there, but it's all right here.
photo: dominic neitz - wiksten spring collection

photo: lena corwin - caitlin mociun's home for design*sponge

*if all this optimism has got you rolling your eyes, don't worry: i've been back a week now, and i've already got my "another day, another dollar" work face on when i'm riding the subway. but, in general, i absolutely love it and feel great gratitude for being here.

oh, ps: 10 corso como.
 i love love love the mosaic sign and the big plant pots that greet you on the terrace. i didn't get to take a picture of the plant pots, unfortunately.

 and i love all the circles, so much so that i considered buying a 35 euro canvas tote bag with their logo on it just so i could bring home some of those circles with me. they have sheets of fantastic wrapping paper and stickers with the circles on them, too, and that's really what i was drawn to, more than anything else in the store. there was one gorgeous dress (dries van noten, maybe?), but looking at such expensive clothes in person always makes me nervous; the sales associates seem to know i have no means to buy such things, and so they keep an eye out for me to make sure i won't steal anything.
upstairs, the galleria carla sozzani had a fantastic photo exhibition, and the adjoining bookstore is huge, crammed full of art, photo and fashion books. definitely worth visiting.

all i took home with me were the perfume papers and the gallery card...

and for some reason i kept photographing the paper out the window of the apartment were were staying in...

i hope everybody's doing well & enjoying spring!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bon voyage!

today i'm off to milan! and venice!
where i hope to try this risotto.

and i'll finally get to visit the 10 corso como store! the first time i saw a 10 corso como label, i clipped it out and saved it, i just loved its design.
i'll wander around the store in milan in a few days. i probably won't be able to afford much, if anything, but i'm excited nevertheless.

ready for something exciting? i had to be at a really *major* event last night, the metropolitan museum of art's costume institute gala, doing a very un-glamorous job of running up and down the red carpet to get memory cards form the photographer i was working with (not the photographer, but i'm not sure i should say who on this blog). i thought i would get to reach the photographer behind the red carpet, but no! i had to walk up the red carpet itself, barely avoiding the trains of eva longoria, katy perry, renee zellweger, tina fey (she was wearing a jumpsuit, but you know what i mean) was equal parts overwhelming, embarrasing and awesome. anyway, i think i saw carla sozzani, the founder of 10 corso como, there, too, so it seems like everything is coming full circle. i also saw oprah! who was like a beam of super-power.

i smiled at kristen stewart in a "don't sweat this" way and she kinda smiled back (i think). ben stiller stepped out of his car a few feet away from me and i had this strange urge to hug him. because i got to stand quite close to them, i realized lots of famous people are smaller than you'd imagine, yet when they stand in front of the cameras, they look precisely like the images of them you're familiar with. they really have tunnel vision for the cameras; it's fascinating to watch.

i, on the other hand, was sweating and crouching, trying to be invisible, or at least elegant, and probably failing. every time i would get approved by security to walk up the carpet, the guards would smile and ok me to go ahead right next to emmy rossum or brooke shields, and i would think, "really?" not really believing that i, wearing a denim vest, black dress and boots, was allowed to be there.

wow. what an experience.
ok...whomever's reading this, whoever you are, bye!
see you in a week.

*maybe gap designer patrick robinson (who was there) approved of my denim vest? it's right in tune with the gap's denim line....although mine was vintage.

Monday, May 3, 2010

long linen dress and combat boots

wow. can this be my life for a day?
photo of jewelry designer Tamila Purvis, by Garance Dore

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It was so bohemian, you can't imagine

Bill Cunningham, the legendary New York Times "On the Street" photographer, looks back 
at 60 years living in Carnegie Hall's studio apartments.

"It was alive. It was simply wonderful.
It had nothing to with what we call 'normal living.'"