Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bon voyage!

today i'm off to milan! and venice!
where i hope to try this risotto.

and i'll finally get to visit the 10 corso como store! the first time i saw a 10 corso como label, i clipped it out and saved it, i just loved its design.
i'll wander around the store in milan in a few days. i probably won't be able to afford much, if anything, but i'm excited nevertheless.

ready for something exciting? i had to be at a really *major* event last night, the metropolitan museum of art's costume institute gala, doing a very un-glamorous job of running up and down the red carpet to get memory cards form the photographer i was working with (not the style.com photographer, but i'm not sure i should say who on this blog). i thought i would get to reach the photographer behind the red carpet, but no! i had to walk up the red carpet itself, barely avoiding the trains of eva longoria, katy perry, renee zellweger, tina fey (she was wearing a jumpsuit, but you know what i mean)...it was equal parts overwhelming, embarrasing and awesome. anyway, i think i saw carla sozzani, the founder of 10 corso como, there, too, so it seems like everything is coming full circle. i also saw oprah! who was like a beam of super-power.

i smiled at kristen stewart in a "don't sweat this" way and she kinda smiled back (i think). ben stiller stepped out of his car a few feet away from me and i had this strange urge to hug him. because i got to stand quite close to them, i realized lots of famous people are smaller than you'd imagine, yet when they stand in front of the cameras, they look precisely like the images of them you're familiar with. they really have tunnel vision for the cameras; it's fascinating to watch.

i, on the other hand, was sweating and crouching, trying to be invisible, or at least elegant, and probably failing. every time i would get approved by security to walk up the carpet, the guards would smile and ok me to go ahead right next to emmy rossum or brooke shields, and i would think, "really?" not really believing that i, wearing a denim vest, black dress and boots, was allowed to be there.

wow. what an experience.
ok...whomever's reading this, whoever you are, bye!
see you in a week.

*maybe gap designer patrick robinson (who was there) approved of my denim vest? it's right in tune with the gap's denim line....although mine was vintage.


  1. that sounds crazy! and you're so right, celebrities are tiny! with huge heads, ha!

    have an AWESOME time in milan.

  2. do take some pics of the shop for us if that's allowed!