Monday, June 7, 2010

quilter's corner

I bought this quilted jacket from Salvation Army a few years ago. I love the print, but it's a little bit big, so I'm currently trying to alter it with my Hello Kitty sewing machine...
I can see why my boyfriend called this my pot holder jacket.

other quilted cuties:
built by wendy spring 2008

I think this girl's wearing a really cute (quilted?) jacket 

Not quilted, but Rachel Comey showed a kind of tapestry-like patterned jacket for spring 2010. She also made backpacks and clutches from a similar material.

via tobi

The colors of this robe on etsy reminds me a bit of the Rachel Comey.
It's cotton/poly, and really big, but it's only $10!

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  1. vera bradley is queen of the quilt:

    this is my everyday wallet/wristlet, which i love, from Fall '02: