Thursday, July 22, 2010

chalky pastels

I'm always really drawn to chalky, pastel colors. Things that have a quiet hum to them, like paintings by Giorgio Morandi.

Giorgio Morandi, Still Life (1956)
Lauren Manoogian cuff from Anica Boutique

Mociun Diamond Dress, Arches Print

Giorgio Morandi, Still Life

Shabd Tank Dress from Anica Boutique

Giorgio Morandi, Still Life (1961)

Dieppa Restrepo oxfords from Anica Boutique

Giorgio Morandi, Still Life (1953)

I just discovered the store Anica yesterday.
It's so nice.
I even love their logo.

I clicked on their blog and here's what I saw:

So beautiful! Love everything about that.

ps: I visited the Museo Morandi when I was in Bologna a few years ago. You can sit for hours among all the still lifes. It's great.

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