Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is one of my favorite pictures of my mom. When we were growing up, I never saw any photos of her at this age. She'd hidden them away, deep, deep in the attic. When she finally brought them out for me to view, I got to see my mom in her early twenties, sporting mini dresses and headscarves and, at one point, a Bob Dylan haircut. I was so happy to see some confidence and perhaps even a bit of swagger in some of the photos. When I saw this photo in particular, I was really moved by her adorableness, and also by what she's wearing: the white dress is  something I would love to wear myself. I love the simple shape, the white lace, the scoop-necked, short-hemmed cut. After years of mother-daughter fighting over clothing (culminating in her secretly throwing out my favorite jeans back in 1995), it was nice to come across this photo and see our tastes overlap so completely.


I recently bought this dress from the Beacon's Closet online shop.
It needs a lot of work (they didn't list that the hem was held up by masking tape, or that one of the darts needs mending), but whenever it's fixed, and I finally get to wear it, I'll think of my mom.

Final white dress: Winona Ryder in Reality Bites.
I love how she's dressed in this movie. I was trying to find a clip of this scene -- she comes out dressed like this and Troy says she looks like a doily -- but I found this fan video instead...and, well, I watched the whole thing. 

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