Tuesday, August 3, 2010

gardening tools

I realized my favorite soaps and lotions all smell like mint, rosemary and basil: Mrs. Meyer's basil hand and dish soapC.O. Bigelow rosemary mint lotion, and  Saipua gardener's soap.

I bought a bunch of Saipua soaps about a month ago, finally giving in to the allure of Saipua! They're all beautiful, but the smell of this one was instantly my favorite. I haven't even opened it up yet, but its scent, especially during the heat wave, filled up my studio with the best herbal mint smell. 

I can't wait to use it. Although then I'll miss having the smell in my studio.
Speaking of gardening...
Claire Nereim has a beautiful new poster of seasonal vegetables.
I missed out on her last one, so I'd probably better grab one of these or else I'll be kicking myself for not having those awesome tomatoes nearby.

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